November 17 2016,

The Buffalo News addresses contentious issues that may experience dramatic changes under the Trump Administration

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Muslims in the United States see a rising backlash against them, saying Trump fueled it with his pledge in December to deny Muslims entry into the United States. He later seemed to alter that position to target countries linked to terrorism.

“Right now, people are having difficulty at work. They’re being harassed on the streets and in schools,” said Faizan Haq, a lecturer at SUNY Buffalo State and founder of the group WNY Muslims. “We have seen many incidents where people are told, ‘Go back home. You don’t belong here.’”

The reality: The FBI this week reported an overall rise in hate crimes during 2015, the biggest increase coming against Muslim Americans. There were 257 reported attacks against Muslims last year, up 67 percent from the prior year.

Trump said last weekend that he was “saddened to hear” about reports of harassment and threats against Muslims and other minorities.

“And I say,‘Stop it.’ If it…helps, I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: ‘Stop it.’”



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