The Rohingya “the Muslim ethnic minority often called the world’s most persecuted people,” wrote Doug Bock Clark, in the Post Magazine. Have been attacked and killed by the Myanmar Army and Police Force who have been accused of extrajudicial killings, gang rapes, arson and infanticides. On “December 5, 2017 the United Nations’ human rights chief, Zeid bin Ra’ad, announced that the Rohingya persecution may constitute genocide under international human rights laws.”

How has the murder and prosecution of these people gone unnoticed and unmentioned in the main stream narrative? Do they no longer care about genocide?!

Apparently it is obvious that they don’t!

Genocide of innocent people all around our beautiful world have gone underreported, unreported, and selectively removed from the newscasts around the world.

The United Nations was created to stand up for the down trotted, the abused, and those who are wrongly persecuted around the world. We must give a voice to the voiceless, if the main stream news won’t tell you the dark and terrible truth of the world you can be sure that we will!