By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-Chief

When do we get to work and stop yapping online? Are we setting up a work culture where our productivity is measured by our social media posts rather than the work we’re supposed to be doing? The ethics of a culture starts at the highest level. In today’s world anything you put in writing lives forever and has consequences both personally and professionally. Does this caution apply to the highest office of the country?

The tweets are splattering around like the droppings of birds, obscuring our national vision and compromising our ability to lead the free world. Will we see in the 2018 and 2020 elections the maturing of the White House and its hapless cheerleaders on Capitol Hill and in the media? It is understood that there will always be political squabbling between left and right, Democrats and Republicans, however the unraveling of the national administrative structure before our eyes remains our gravest concern. Already it is costing us dearly.

Our national security strategy has become a reactionary reflex catering to decisions based on emotional populism. Not to mention that the pointless partisan bickering, backed by warring special interests, is contributing to an incoherent national security policy. Our allies are alienated and disaffected, our foes are meddling in our elections and we appear marginalized at the highest level. Our historical friends are now looking up to our historical competitors to fill the void left by our thoughtless withdrawal from international commitments. We continue to backpedal on international treaties and are now known as a country that cannot sustain any policy beyond the length of an election cycle.

Tweet or no tweet, we need seriousness in tackling the challenges posed to our national security. The rising influence and power of the drug mafia and its connections to the corridors of power is our greatest challenge. In comparison with terrorism and imagined economic threats this is the most clear and present danger. To counter this threat we will need consistent, relentless, grassroots bipartisan effort to protect future generations. This is the time to take heed.


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