July, 2012 Washington,

DC According to a recent survey,

the Pakistani American community is now the second fastest growing and the seventh largest group in the United States. But in the media Pakistani Americans are not as active as it needs to be, according to the community leaders. Saqib Ul Islam takes us to the third annual Pakistani American Youth Conference where the issue was addressed.

Pakistani American Youth Empowerment Conference
August, 2010
Washington, DC

PAKPAC Foundation held the first Pakistani American Youth Empowerment Conference. Over 165 Pakistani Americans travelled to Washington DC from 15 different states ranging as far as California and Texas, for a marathon 14- hour to experience to learn firsthand how American government functions. The event started with a tour of the White House and Capitol Hill. This was followed by a three hour panel session where Pakistani and Muslim from different governmental and legislative departments addressed youth and shared their experiences. Watch the video below for more information.

Meeting of the Minds 
November 2009
George Mason University, Fairfaz, VA

Meeting of the Minds is a workshop for young and old from Pakistani American community to bridge the generation gap between the two. According to Professor Fazian Haq, Meeting of the Minds will provide students an insight into style of leadership and capacity building through activities and sessions with the older generation of Pakistani descent. The latest session of meeting of minds held at George Mason University in Fairfaz Virginia.

Mushaaira (Poetry Symposium)

ISNA Convention 2009