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The Collective News Editorials

Faizan Haq is the Editor-in-Chief at The Collective News and writes a monthly editorial for each edition of The Collective News.

World Horror Show: Monsters of the Past Are No Longer Lurking in the Dark

Another Halloween was here. People dressed up in unusual cloaks to be somebody else. The intentions were to either scare, or surprise others. Imagine if they were to wear these cloaks and masks, and they turned into those monsters before our eyes. And when they try to come back to their original form, the transition becomes harder. So hard, that even if they come back, they are permanently mutated. On the grand scale, the world seems to be having a never-ending Halloween night where monsters keep raising their heads, and people willingly or unwillingly cannot come back to their original form.


By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-Chief What does it take to make a territory a state of the United States? How long do we need. I am not talking about legalities or constitutional procedure; I’m talking about the moral argument. There is a territory that has been a part of America for over a century. The people there are told they are Americans. They are asked to defend the country. They pay some taxes. But they still don’t have representation in Congress or Senate. Why is that?


By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-Chief Can we really blame our elected officials for compromising their ethics or selling their positions on issues to the highest bidder from campaign contributors? Shall we blame ourselves for creating an environment where content-rich advertisements and manipulated popular media are deciding our votes? What alternative does a candidate have, but to spend tons of money to campaign and reach out to our content addiction, regardless of the cost that we all end up paying, directly or indirectly?

State of the Tweeting Union

By: Faizan Haq, Editor-in-Chief When do we get to work and stop yapping online? Are we setting up a work culture where our productivity is measured by our social media posts rather than the work we’re supposed to be doing? The ethics of a culture starts at the highest level. In today’s world anything you put in writing lives forever and has consequences both personally and professionally. Does this caution apply to the highest office of the country?

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Faizan Haq is the CEO and Founder of Manage Your Business, LLC. Consult with our highly-trained organizational communication specialist with over 25 years of experience. Learn the wisdom to grow your business and your personal potential.

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