Academic Experience

Lecturer, Cora P. Maloney College
8/96 – Present

USA and The Muslim World (CPM 250/RSP 248) (Fall Semester)
An undergraduate-level course that deals with issues of intercultural communication, international affairs, factors that formed the current state of the relationship between the USA and the Muslim world.

Islam and Democracy (CPM 295/AS 393) (Fall Semester)

This course addresses the compatibility of Islam and Democracy. It also helps in understanding the concept of representation and consultation in Islam and the Islamic approach toward democracy. Most of the Muslim world has been identified as undemocratic or under dictatorial rule. Historical, cultural and religious roots of the current disposition of Muslim countries will also be researched, discussed and presented in the course

Islamic Cultural History (CPM 390/RSP 388) (Spring Semester)

This course is focused on the cultural history of Islamic civilization and its effects on modern-day life. Cultural roots of the present-day discourses in Muslim history are discussed as well.
Lecturer, Department of Communication

Intercultural Communication (SPC 311) 

This course explores the communication paradigms within the multicultural and multi-centered world that we experience every day. Intercultural communication theories, practices and case studies are discussed and analyzed. Students are encouraged to experience different cultures and present their research.

Project Director, Instructional Guidebook 1/00-Present BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE

Guidebook for the Enhancement of Teaching and Student Performance is a multidisciplinary online project that involves building online instructional resources for institutions of higher education. The experts in different areas of education contribute to the content of the guidebook by sharing their research and findings in writing and multimedia demonstration.

Project Support Specialist (7/99 – Present)

CDHS (Center for Development of Human Services) Design and maintenance of web-based faculty development guide book. Manage information flow and data communication by using Microsoft Outlook, develop online training manuals, organize and conduct meetings of project participants.

Conference Director, TIP Conference (BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE 2/01- 05/02)

The theme of the conference is, “Opportunities and Challenges: Using Technology to Enhance Higher Education Instruction and Learning.” This conference will feature national and local experts who are experienced in the areas of overcoming challenges in usage of technology and seizing opportunities to facilitate its infusion in higher education instruction.

Lecturer, Department of American Studies
8/96 – 6/98

 American Lives and Environment (AMS 114) (Fall ‘97, Spring ’98)

Diversity at Work and Multiculturalism at Home

This course is designed to understand the complexity of working, living and interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures. ‘Affirmative Action’ is discussed as a policy and also as an issue.

American Lives and Environment (AMS 114) (Fall ‘96 – Spring ‘97)

Survey of U.S. Education System in Inner Cities These courses were designed to survey the education System of the United States and in-depth analyses of the consequences of such a system. The issue of Affirmative Action in American educating was also part of the discussions.

Independent Study (AMS 499) (Spring ‘97, Summer ‘97, Fall ’97, Spring ’98)

Designed and directed independent study and research projects of senior undergraduate students in the following areas:

1. Effects of Communication Technology on Culture;
2. Multiculturalism & Diversity;
3. Comparative Approach to Multicultural Literature;
4. Muslims’ Image in Hollywood.

US in the World (AMS 207) (Spring ’98)

Global Markets and Technology

This course is designed to educate undergraduate students about the ever-changing world around us. The increasing global trade and advanced technology are changing the face of market-based economies. Students are encouraged to use the Internet to research specific areas for business and political stability.

Webmaster, Department of American Studies
11/96 – 9/98

Designed and build the Web Page and setup information management protocol. Coordinator, South Asian Human Rights Awareness Conference State University of New York at Buffalo 8/ 97 – 5/98 A conference was organized with the local business co-sponsorship on the state of human rights in South Asia.