'Not Much Changed:' Western New York Muslims on Trump's Revised Travel Ban

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. -- The new travel ban isn't any better than the first one

PUBLISHED MARCH 7, 2017 @11:20 AM

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. -- The new travel ban isn't any better than the first one: That was the sentiment expressed from Western New York Muslims Founder Faizan Haq. Haq says the revised executive order raises even more questions about the purpose of the ban.

He says the travel ban is not only unnecessary, but puts informants and United States troops at risk. 

"When they cannot move, they cannot go, they are in a very compromised position," Haq said. "Our troops, their ability to negotiate become altered. If somebody's going to be an informant and I'm representing the US government, what are your promises good for? You cannot even back up your promise because tomorrow your government is going to issue another order."

The countries targeted by the revised ban include Iran, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Iraq was removed from the list. Haq says he's puzzled Iraq was taken off the travel ban list because its government is aligned with Iran and both countries have similar problems with extremists. 

"You take out a country which is literally sithering with civil war as much as Syria is and we are actively engaging there," Haq said. "How come that reduces the risks? It doesn't reduce the risks."

Haq also points out the new travel ban continues to single out majority Muslim countries and ignores other countries that also may pose a threat to the United States.