Papers & Presentations 2003

US Citizenship and Responsibilities of Pakistani Americans

November 21, 2003

Pakistani American Congress Regional Meeting, Detroit, Michigan

The Islamic Concept of Peace

October 12, 2003
Riverside-Salem Environmental Cottage, Grand Island, NY

Faizan Haq, vice president of the Pakistani American Association of Western New York and general secretary of the Pakistani American Congress, will speak about The Islamic Concept of Peace at Riverside-Salem Environmental Cottage, 3449 West River Road, Grand Island, from 4-6pm Sunday, October 12, 2003. Mr. Haq is a founding member of the Committee for the Study of Understanding Community and Peace at Buffalo State College and teaches Islamic Cultural History and USA and the Muslim World at Cora P. Maloney College at UB. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

An Honorable Quest

September 10, 2003

Islamic Horizons, Vol. 32, No. 5

Book review: "Islam Under Siege: Living Dangerously in a Post-Honor World" Akbar S. Ahmed

ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) 40th Annual Convention 

September 5, 7, 2003

ISNA is the largest mainstream organization of American Muslims. Its annual convention attracts 30 to 40 thousand participants. Scholars, educators, and community leaders from around the world present on issues concerning America and Muslims

Book Review: “Islam Under Siege: an honorable quest in a post-honor world”

Emerging American Muslim Identity and Issues of Citizenship and Cultural Politics

August 17, 2003
World Security Network

Islam Under Siege is an honorable quest to capture and analyze the dishonorable conduct of human society in a post honor world. Just like an alarm clock that rings in your head it forces you to wake up from the pretentious slumber we are so used to. In fact this book keeps you awake long after you are done reading it. It is a must read if you have any interest in contemporary societies’ interactions with elements of change within and without their boundaries.

Read full review here

Challenges of American Citizenship for Muslims: Trying Times for Men’s Souls

July 4, 6, 2003

ISNA (Islamic Society of North America)
South Western Regional and 7th Islam in America Conference,

Wyndham Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Conversations in Abrahamic Traditions: How we view our religious traditions in society today; An Islamic Perspective

June 10, 2003

Community initiated interfaith forum, State University of New York at Buffalo

Scientific Achievements of Muslims: Story of Arabic Numerals

March 16, 2003

Islamic History Day, Islamic History Society,

Muslim Community Center, 745 Heim Road, Amherst, New York